Oct 22, 2012

Lucky For Leftovers: Cake Jar Follow-Up

(This is an extremely horrible picture of
 the Funfetti cake balls)

  Aside from their less than appealing name, cake balls are a great treat to have on hand (and are extremely easy to make, whether it’s from scratch or out of the box). It's a great method for cake leftovers or scraps and perfect to bring to a party. They're basically what you would get if you threw a layer cake in a blender.
  All you have to remember is 2 to 1, that is, two parts cake to one part frosting ( such as 1 box cake + 1/2 can of frosting, 1 cake recipe with 1/2 buttercream recipe, whatever floats your boat). They can be frozen, refrigerated, decorated or just eaten straight (my personal favorite). The best part is that the flavors are endless. Chocolate on chocolate works just as well as carrot cake and cream cheese frosting, or Funfetti like the previous recipe... If you can call it that. This post is a follow up to the cake jars because whatever is left in the jars, or fails to fit in them, can be made into some dang good balls.

  1. Mash up the cake in a bowl, still a little warm but nowhere near hot. Add the frosting and mash them together with your (CLEAN) hands.

2. (This next part is crucial) Roll them into balls.

3. Place them on a tray lined with parchment paper to freeze for 30 minutes.

Yay! You made balls of cake.

   Another awesome thing about these bad boys is that they're easily decorated and can instantly become the glamorous and famed "Cake Pops" that people get so utterly excited about. Here's the secret: you put a stick in them.

   You can them dip them into melted chocolate or colored candy melts, or basically anything dippable, top with some crumbs, sprinkles, sea salt, whatever you have on your hand and they're instantly party-approved.

**Tip: easiest way to stick 'n dip them is to take them out of the freezer, dip a lollipop stick in melted chocolate (or whatever you choose) and stick the cake balls. Put them back in the freezer for another ten minutes, then take them out, dip the cake into your melted substances and let freeze on parchment paper for another ten minutes. If you're really picky, you can stand them up like a traditional lollipop by stabbing them into styrofoam, but if the cake is on the bottom and stick is in the air, it doesn't matter. Besides, it's easier to decorate, eat, and no one will care because at the end of the day, its food.

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