Apr 24, 2013

The Great Cookie Quest: Round 1 Results

The moment we've all been waiting for. Ladies and gentleman: the results are in.
 As you may recall, the cookielympics I attempted to orchestrate had 4 contenders: chewy, giant, fluffy, and brown butter. The feedback I revived was not as unanimous as I'd expected, but it showed me that I might be able to combine different elements of each cookie into one ultra cookie. Here's what I gathered from the opinions of my first-class tasting squad and myself:
Brown butter: the brown butter cookies seemed to get the short end of the stick- it was not as traditional a cookie as some expected, but for some that was what made it the winner. They didn't spread as much, and they rose more than others. The word crumbly comes to mind, but not as much hard and crisp. The brown butter contributed to an overall deeper, almost "butterscotch-y" flavor.
Chewy- The chewy cookies received the best overall feedback. They’re definitely the best for fans of the under-baked center (such as myself) but the flavor wasn’t as developed as, say, the brown butter cookies. The consistency is decadent and their size offers the perfect small snack (and it means you can have more without being called out).  
Giant- Hands-down this would be my personal choice as the perfect big cookie- even, the edges not too crisp the center not too under baked. Probably my personal favorite and a tie with the fluffy cookie for the best milk-dipper- A perfect after-meal snack.
Fluffy- For a more “gourmet” genre of cookie, this would be the best. The lightness of the ingredients offers a great texture that allows you to taste each flavor without it being too strong. Also great for milk-dipping, and has a nice a crisp edge, if that’s your thing- The best contender for a midnight snack, if you ask me.
I’m now working on the touch-ups for round two, basically a combination of the giant and chewy genres, I’ve got some high hopes for these… stay tuned boys and girls.

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