May 9, 2013

The Results Are In- Kinda..

   We've all heard it. "Nobody's perfect." And I think it's safe to say it’s a pretty darn near foolproof principle. Little did I know that that exact same concept applies to none other than chocolate chip cookies. I expected to take my cookie poll, copy down results, and have a definite winner; that was that. It turns out, though; I didn't take into account the different preferences of people, especially those who take their cookies very seriously, like me. The traits of my personal favorite cookie may not parallel those of others'- some loved a hint of sea salt, some hated it; some like chewy, others crisp- it's never going to be a unanimous result.
   It actually seemed as though the majority of favorite cookies came from batch #1, the first four recipes. By the numbers, it seemed that chewy, giant, and fluffy from the first batch almost tied for first, and from batch two, almost all the cookies showed a love/hate relationship with the testers. The crispy prevailed though, according to my dear grandma, and we don't take her opinion lightly.
    So here's the thing- I lied. Not on purpose, pinky promise, but I realized there isn't such thing as the perfect chocolate chip cookie. If I think I find my favorite recipe, it could still be everyone else's least favorite. The search is still on for now, if not for the perfect cookie, the nearest-perfect. Please comment if you have any ideas, I'm heading straight back to the drawing board on this one!

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